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Cupping is an ancient technique that targets body's fascia by decompression. The prolonged suction promotes increased nutrient exchange and bloodflow to enable a faster healing process.



Have you every felt restricted in certain ranges of motion or experienced muscle aches and pains? The chiropractic adjustment is meant to improve joint mechanics and keep your body moving efficiently and pain-free! The benefits of an adjustment can improve posture and ranges of motion.



The Theragun is a neuromuscular treatment device that utilizes percussive vibration therapy to decrease over stimulation from the nervous system. Muscle activation and recovery is enhanced in one exclusive package following just one session.

Functional range conditioning (frc)


"Developed by Dr. Andreo Spina, Functional Range Conditioning is a comprehensive joint training system based in scientific principals and research. FRC focuses on 3 main goals: mobility development, joint strength and body control."
                                                            - Dr. Andreo Spina



Kinesiology taping provides a vast range of benefits to the athlete:

  • improved blood flow
  • reduces pain
  • improves posture
  • reduces edema

Bio-mechanical assessment


Do you have trouble performing a squat or bend over without pain? Mastering these foundational movements are essential to living a long and healthy life. We are meant to move through all ranges of motion as human beings. What was once lost can be regained through consist effort. Our team will evaluate your movement patterns and provide solutions to give you back your youth!

Myofascial release technique (mrt)


Myofascial release technique(MRT) is very effective when treating conditions of the connective tissues, muscles, ligaments and tendons. The goal of this treatment is to restore normal mobility throughout the body. Aberrant movement patterns disappear once these tissues are restored to their normal slide and glide features.

scraping (iastm)


This technique, as known as Scraping by many, is famous for breaking up tiny knots, or adhesions, that build up in the muscle from daily life and training. It is important to breakup these adhesions to support healthy ranges of motion and reduce pain in the body.


Electrical stimulation (e-stim)


Electrical stimulation is a therapeutic treatment that blocks pain signals and improves recovery. The Compex specifically works on a special frequency to enhance recovery without fatiguing the muscle. Multiple settings also enable the Compex to operate as a traditional TENS unit to block pain signals so that you can continue your day without worry.


NormaTec Compression Therapy