Mission Statement

To be a compassionate advocate for the patient by actively listening and providing the most evidence-based practices to better serve our community.

What Sets Us Apart: 

Dr Jesse Law Sports Chiropractic is an sports practice servicing the downtown Tampa Bay Area. You won’t find just your run-of-the mill chiropractic adjustment with here. We focus on assessing the patient from a bio-mechanical standpoint to give us a better idea of the root cause. This enables us to compile a specific care plan that is unique to each patient. We actively listen and engage with the patient to help us fill in the missing dots. Our doctor works for you to get you out of pain fast and back in action! We cater to local CrossFit/Jiu-Jitsu gyms along with the athletic community as a whole.


We will improve your pain-free ranges of motion to give you the ability to strict press more over head, squat to full depth again and never sacrifice your training frequency due to injury.

Gym Owners: 

We will increase the retention of your members through providing reliable and well-researched practices that mitigate injury, provide in-house services that make your gym a one-stop shop and provide treatments that cater personally to your training programs.

Not An Athlete? 

Dr Jesse Law Sports Chiropractic is not exclusively for athletes - we treat the general public as well. Our treatments will benefit you whether you need care for headaches or are having trouble sleeping. Patients that make a lifelong decision to see the chiropractor have been shown in studies to have less low back pain and play with their grandchildren well into old age. What's stopping you from coming into our office today?